Bulls N Bears

Even though you have not asked for feedback relating to Black Swan’s provision of catering services for our Bulls N Bears corporate client Xmas party on December 11 I feel moved to give it anyway as I was overwhelmed by the extraordinary array of delights that you provided for us and the way in which they were presented.

I was expecting the usual hot food to be circulated throughout the night and a few sweets and things but I most certainly did not expect the work of art you produced by way of that amazing table full of brilliantly presented sweet and savory delights.

We were overrun with comments about it on the night and the emails are still coming in now a week later.

You and your staff can be justifiably proud of not only the service you provided for us on the night but of the considerable thought, planning and preparation that went into producing that amazing array of goodies ! Well done !

Matt Birney

Managing Director, Bulls N' Bears

A picture tells 1,000 words

Every table and grazing box we create is different. So much depends on the menu selected e.g sliders and donuts are bigger and take up more table space, whereas some items are petite and delicate. It also depends on the tables we have to work with – from long narrow tables to large boardroom tables, from rectangular trestle tables to round tables. The videos below are just a small selection of the tables and grazing boxes we have styled.

$15 per person

$20 per person

$25 per person

Grazing Boxes